You Want Me As Your Friend

So I need some help chummers…someone in the Lake district is taking down my delivery drones. And you know that’s not legal. I’ve lost 4 drones this month, and its hurting my Amazon ratings. Figure out who’s doing it. My drone cameras and sensors aren’t picking anything up. I even sent a defense drone with my last order up there, and it went down almost simultaneously. ast12388

Pay: ¥ 2500…or!

Or something no one else has. Need a cool drink during your stake out? Forgot some rope as you’re exiting some 15 story arcology? Just place an order with your friendly neighborhood legally qualified drone operator, and we’ll get it to you ASAP. No combat zone deliveries, unless of course you’re willing to pay for a new drone. Taxes, fees, tariffs, and red tape fees apply.

[This Job is sponsored by Black Johnson, your Darknet source for work. All Black Johnson jobs will have a 15% processing fee deducted from payment.]

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