Ole’ Willy is about to finish the annual brew of his world-famous Shine. He’s rented the old Clown Shop at 108. I’d like you to relieve him of the entirety of his completed production.

Pay: ¥ 2,000, ¥ $1,000 if you can get him to give up his recipe, ¥ If you can do it quiet-like. ¥ 500 stipend for vehicle rental or mods (Moonshine is heavy, y’all)

There’s regularly an anarchist party going on at the facility…certainly not heavy duty in terms of armaments, and oftentimes not sober, but they’ll shoot you as soon as look at you. Plus Ole’ Willy is wicked private about his affairs, and has plenty of notches on his shotgun.

[This Job is sponsored by Black Johnson, your Darknet source for work. All Black Johnson jobs will have a 15% processing fee deducted from payment.]

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